Monday, 10 January 2011


Oh where Oh where did the warmth go???

It is 32 degrees f outside and pretty cold. I think it is time for this county to start warming up.

Ok, Ok, I know it only has been cold for a few weeks but we do not have the appropriate clothes to wear, just standing at the bus stop I said to Nathaniel - you should have put a jacket on!!, He replied I did, pointing to his "jacket", I said that isnt really a jacket mearly a light sweatshirt!!

He put his hood up and the bus arrived, I know once he is in class he will be toasty warm!!!!

Keep warm out there!!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Gluten free

So mid November I decided to try a gluten free diet. I will tell you this was after some debate but eventually my will was stronger than my need for bread.

Here is my story!

I left home 21 years ago and soon after that I started with a lot of gastrointestinal issues, these include, vomitting, cramping, severe pain, constipation or diarrhoea, terrible exploding smelly gas and a feeling of lonliness.

Seen by many specialists throughout the last 21 years, which did include many diagnostic examinations, they said it was a lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome and started me on medication. After a year on pills which were only meant to be a 6 week course and no improvement I gave up trying different diet's but finding it hard to isolate anything that caused problems.

years pass, nothing changes and then I started reading up about Gulten and how it affects the body so 2 months ago I thought - lets give it a go.

I must admit the 10lb i lost instantly was encouraging but other changes were occuring, my psoriasis hich I have been struggling with for over 3 years has almost disapeered over night, I have more energy and I have less mood swings (although Simon may disagree)

So I am now on a gluten free diet and when I have had some by accident it has once again caused havock to my intestines.

Thinking back, growing up my diet was mostly meat veg and potatoes, a well balanced diet, leaving home allowed me to try pasta's pizza's and sandwiches by the barrel load!!

I am seeing a nutritionist tomorrow to review if I need any nutritional suppliments and to ensure I stay on the straight and narrow!!

With this sucess how could I not!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A bit of family history!

So we asked dad to some questions for a school project and here was some of his interesting facts!
I dont want to waste this info so here it is

All your Grandfathers served King(Queen) and Country Grandad Peter Royal Air Force Cold War

Great Grandad George Main Royal Engineers XXX.Corps – France-Germany (L├╝beck)
Great Grandad George Wood Royal Engineers 51.Highland Division in North Africa, Italy, France-Germany
Gt.Gt. Grandad William Main Infantry The Boar War in South Africa
Gt,Gt, Grandad George Smith Infantry First World War – France
Gt.Gt.Gt.Grandad John Main no Service – lived during the “Long Peace”

Gt.Gt.Grandad George Smith – was a Railway Passenger Train Guard and was Yard Foreman Of the Edinburgh Waverley Station – One of the biggest in Great Britain.
Grandad Peter (Petrus) – Has a great Model Railway – German Federal Railways 1956-71
Gt.Gt.Grandad William Main – His Hobby was Photography
Gt.Grandad George Main – Great Golfer, and played the banjo and was a super crooner (like Bing Crosby) Gt.Grandad George Wood – was a shooting Champion and a Great Gardener

Thanks dad for this history!!