Monday, 10 January 2011


Oh where Oh where did the warmth go???

It is 32 degrees f outside and pretty cold. I think it is time for this county to start warming up.

Ok, Ok, I know it only has been cold for a few weeks but we do not have the appropriate clothes to wear, just standing at the bus stop I said to Nathaniel - you should have put a jacket on!!, He replied I did, pointing to his "jacket", I said that isnt really a jacket mearly a light sweatshirt!!

He put his hood up and the bus arrived, I know once he is in class he will be toasty warm!!!!

Keep warm out there!!


Adam B said...

You think 32F is cold, we had -10C at Xmas and up in Scotland it was even colder.

Katharine Eves said...

I know adam, but we are just not used to it - or should I say we dont have the propor clothes!!